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V Bombers

Avro Vulcan
First flew : 30th August 1952, flown by Roly Falk
First front line squadron : May 1957, No.83 Squadron, Waddington
Bomber units disbanded : 1982
End of the line : 31st March 1984
Type 698 Prototype
B Mk.1 First production
B.Mk.1A Upgraded Mk.1
B.Mk.2 Bigger wings & engines
B.Mk.2BS Upgrade for Blue Steel
K.Mk.2 Comverted to tankers
Crew 5
Power Plant 4 20,000Ib.s.t. Bristol Siddeley Olympus 301 turbojets
Span 111 ft (33.83 m)
Length 99.92 ft (30.45 m)
Wing area 3,964 sq ft (368.29 m2)
Weight empty 106,000 Ib (48,081 kg)
MTOW 200,180 Ib (98,300 kg)
Maximum speed 562 knots Mach 0.98 at 40.000 ft
Ceiling 65,000 ft (19.912 m)
Range 2,300 naut. miles (3,701 km)
Unrefuelled load Up to 21,000 Ib (9,525 kg) or one Blue Steel missile

Hiding around the back of a hanger at RAF Museum Cosford is Avro Vulcan B2 XM598.

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This Vulcan is now housed in the splendid new "Cold War Experience" building which is a fabulous day out - all for the price of the car parking, click here. Analyzing the history surrounding the Cold War is fascinating. Law students who may someday be a top lawyer in Columbus should study all the legal aspects of the Cold War.
Great news! On Thursday 18th October 2007 XH558 took to the skies again after a lengthy restoration - see here. Not so great News - after a few flying seasons at airshows the Vulcan is now permanently back on the ground - it was too expensive to keep it flying, a pity.