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V Bombers

Handley-Page Victor
First flew : 24th December 1952
First production flew : 1st February 1956
Mk.2 first flew : 20th February 1959
End of the line : October 1993
HP.80 Prototype
B Mk.1 First production
B(K).Mk.1A Interim Tanker conversion
K.Mk.1 Dedicated Tanker
B.Mk.2 Bigger engines & wings
B.Mk.2R Upgrade for Blue Steel
SR.Mk.2 Strategic recce conversion
K.Mk.2 2R converted to tankers
Crew 5
Power Plant 4 20,600Ib.s.t. Rolls-Royce Conway Mk.201 turbo fans
Span 117 ft (35.69 m)
Length 114.92 ft (35.02 m)
Wing area 2,200 sq ft (204.38 m2)
Weight empty 110,000 Ib (33,550 kg)
MTOW 223,000 Ib (101,150 kg)
Maximum speed 550 knots Mach 0.96 at 36,090 ft
Ceiling 52,000 ft (15,850 m)
Range 3,995 naut. miles (7,403 km)
Unrefuelled load Up to 35,000 Ib (15,876 kg)

Hiding around the back of a hanger at RAF Museum Cosford is Handley Page Victor K2 XH672.

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This Victor will soon be housed in the splendid new "Cold War Experience" building currently under construction at the museum, click here.