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V Bombers

Vickers Valiant
First flew : 18th May 1951, flown by Jock Bryce & Mutt Summers
First operational : January 1955
Mk.2 first flew : 4th September 1953
End of the line : January 1965
Type 660 Prototype
B.Mk.1 First production
B(PR).Mk.1 Reconnaissance
B.Mk.2 Pathfinder target marking
Crew 5
Power Plant 4 10,000Ib.s.t. Rolls-Royce Avon 28 turbo fans
Span 114.33 ft (34.85 m)
Length 108.25 ft (32.99 m)
Wing area 2,362 sq ft (219.4 m2)
Weight empty 75,881 Ib (34.419 kg)
MTOW 140,000 Ib (63,503 kg)
Maximum speed 492 knots at 30,000 ft
Ceiling 54,000 ft (16,459 m)
Range 3,908 naut. miles (7,242 km)
Unrefuelled load Up to 21,000 Ib (9,525 kg)

Stuck in a car park at RAF Museum Cosford is Vickers Valiant B1 XD818.

Click pictures for bigger version.

This Valiant will soon be housed in the splendid new "Cold War Experience" building currently under construction at the museum, click here.

It looks like it needs a bit of TLC, with paint flaking off the tail section

Hopefully when safely indoors, this fabulous aircraft will be great exhibit in the new building.