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Search And Rescue Helicopters

Bell 412 Griffin HT1

The Griffin is a development of the famous "Huey" UH-1 helicopter.

The Griffin is powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T-3D Turbo Twin-Pac, which comprises two 900 shp turboshaft engines.

The three HT1s used by SARTU are equipped with flotation equipment, UHF homer, a cabin sea tray to protect the cabin from sea water, plus a multi-speed (0-300 ft/pm) electrical winch/hoist with 250ft of cable and a maximum load of 600lbs.

The large cabin can carry six people in comfort in addition to the two in the cockpit, though it can fit up to 12 people in an emergency.

It has a comprehensive suite of avionics and navigational aids, and a cruise speed of 120kt, with an endurance of approximately three hours and a maximum take off weight of 11,900lbs (5410kg)

The next few terrific shots were kindly donated by Chas McHugh, the first three taken over Snowdonia in November '98 and depicting a Griffin of 60 Sqn. from RAF Shawbury, and the second two from the 3rd of June 1999 whilst flying close formation over Shropshire. Click the pictures for a larger versions.

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Chas McHugh

Bell 412 Griffin HT1 statistics

  • Max speed : 161 mph
  • Length: 56'
  • Rotor Diameter: 46'
  • First based at Valley : 1997
  • Endurance : 3 hours