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Search And Rescue Helicopters


No.22 SAR Squadron 'C' Flight


SARTU (The Search And Rescue Training Unit)

No.22 SAR Squadron 'C' Flight and the Search And Rescue Training Unit share the helicopter pads at RAF Valley.

SARTU is a unit of the contractorised Defence Helicopter Flying School and is nothing directly to do with the RAF SAR wing, and hence 22 Sqn. Some (and only some) of the students flying the Griffin at SARTU will go on to fly with the RAF SAR Wing and 22 Squadron, once they have graduated from their main rotary course at RAF Shawbury. However, most students attend a one week SAR 'famil' course that gives them some understanding and experience in the role as part of their overall rotary training package. Most will go on to fly battle field or maritime helicopters, flying in primary roles other than SAR.

SAR Helicopters


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