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T8C - XF357 (871) - RN FRADU, Yeovilton
FRADU = Fleet Requirements & Air Direction Unit, this two seat variant is on finals resplendent in an all over grey colour scheme and carrying two small wing fuel tanks.

single seat fighter, fighter-bomber and fighter-reconnaissance, twin seat dual trainer - designated F.Mk.1 to F.Mk.79, two-seat T.Mk.7 & T.Mk.8.

Hawker Aircraft - British Aerospace

single Rolls-Royce Avon 207 10,150lb (4,600kg) thrust

  • span : 33'8"(10.26m)
  • length single-seat : 45'10"(13.98m), two-seat : 48'10(14.9m)
  • height : 13'2"(4.26m)
  • wing area : 349sqft(32.42m²)


  • empty : 13,270lb(6020kg)
  • maximum : 24,000lb(10,885kg)


  • max speed at sea level : 710mph(1,144km/h)
  • ceiling : 51,500ft(15,700m)
  • range on internal fuel : 490miles(789km)
  • with maximum fuel : 1,840miles(2,965km)


  • prototype : 20th July 1951
  • production : 16th May 1953


  • Ferranti Blue Fox radar in T.8M
  • Mk.2 Autostabiliser on rudder
  • reconnaissance camera in FR Mk.10
  • TACAN navigation system
  • UHF radio, G4F and E2B compasses


  • four 30mm Aden cannon, (1 or 2 in two-seat)
  • two 5000lb bombs
  • two 1,000lb bombs
  • twenty-four 3" rockets
  • various weapons on exported models, e.g. Sidewinders, Cluster bombs

The most successful post-war British fighter, still in service today. Until recently used to train Buccaneer crews, continues to be operated by FRADU providing mock targets for gunnery & missile practise, and Sea Harrier radar training. Exported to many countries, Abu Dhabi, Chile, India, Iraq, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, and many currently still in use. Well over 2,000 have been built.

T8C - WV322 - No.237 OCU, RAF Lossiemouth
Forced into retirement with the venerable Buccaneer, this twin seat example is just about to take off from RAF Lossiemouth for a training flight over the North Sea.