101 Squadron, RAF Ludford Magna, 21 July 1944

I am currently doing research on the crew of a Lancaster Mk1 (LL862) from 101 Squadron, Ludford Magna which took part on a raid on Moers/Homberg (not Hamburg), Germany on 20-21 July, 1944.

The aircraft was on ABC duty that night. 30 minutes into their return trip the pilot gave the order to bail out. The only 2 survivors were the pilot P/O Meier, DLW and the bomb aimer, F/S Gwilliam, LK, both of the RCAF. In fact, 6 of the 8 crew were RCAF.

The rest of the crew were:

WO2 NIXON, Jack Elwin McIntosh - Wireless Operator/Gunner, age unknown, Brampton, Ontario

SGT IANUZIELLO, Dominic - Navigator, age 32, St Thomas, Ontario

SGT BOYLE, Ernest Elroy - Mid Upper Gunner, age 26, Kimberley, Ontario

SGT DOUGLAS, Glenn Thomas - Rear Gunner, age 19, London, Ontario

SGT REID, Ian Henry Milne - Flight Engineer, age unknown, RAF (VR)

P/O GOSLING, Keith - Special Duties Operator, age 19, Frizinghall, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK (RAF)

The plane came down near Cambrai, France. Gwilliam was picked up by the Belgian resistance and spent three months evading capture before being turned over to the US Army in September of 1944. Gwilliam died in an accident in the mid 60s in Canada but if anybody has any contacts with veterans of the Belgian resistance I would like to see if there is a record of his time with them. His service file is painfully thin in this regard.

Meier was picked up by the Germans eventually ending up at Stalag 3A, Luckenwalde, where he was liberated by the Russians on 22 April, 1945.

ANY information on this crew, the raid, or in a perfect world a picture of the plane and crew would be greatly appreciated.

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Entered 08/04/2006

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