William Lane

This is a picture (click here) of my Dad's squad. He died in 1994. He is in the back row, far left. William Lane. He trained at Trenton and was stationed in England. He was a tail gunner on a Lancaster. My mother gave away all his air force info. I do not know what squadron he was in or anything else. I know he was a crack shot, because the air force wanted to keep him to train future gunners. I have no details at all. Maybe you can circulate this picture and see if there is any one still alive that could provide any details. I would appreciate this very much. It is probably to late, but I still have some hope. I have heard some of the stories of what these brave men went through.

Greg Lane
410-653 Major Mackenzie Dr. E.
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 1J8
(905) 883-6413

Entered 03/08/2004

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