Frederick Henry Lacey, Sgt, 70 or LXX Squadron

I am looking for information information about my uncle 928498 (Air Gunner)F.H. Lacey who may have also been known as "Freddy". It is believed that he served with the Squadron from the start of WWII and may have initially flown in Valencias, later replaced by Wellingtons (Wimpys). He would have initially been based North Africa and may have been involved in any or all of bomber operations re: Tobruk, Derna, El Adem and Bardia. In December 1944 the Squadron transferred to a Foggia base in southern Italy, bombing targets in the Balkans and Italy. Frederick was killed in action aged about 22 on 19/11/44 on a raid over Yugoslavia, possibly in connection with the destruction of Drina bridge at Visegrad and is buried in Belgrade cemetery. If anyone remembers Freddy in any connection or knows of other crew that shared his last mission - please contact Symon Knightswood.

Entered 10/05/2004

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