Harold Henry Porter

Iím trying to piece together the wartime RAF record of my late father, Harold Henry Porter (originally of Brentford), service # 1607586, enlisted May 8th 1942 and discharged Jan 24th 1946. He would have been aged 19-23 during this time. I donít believe his was a particularly distinguished career (indeed, if his record - which notes him as 'ACH/Pilot.Air Obsí - is to be believed then he managed to work his way down through the ranks!), but itís important to his family, all the same.
As far as I can make out he was sent to Canada for pilot training, but may have proceeded no further before returning to various postings in the UK. If anyone accustomed to deciphering wartime RASF records is game to help me decipher this one, I would be eternally grateful.
Please contact Tony Porter at porterhouse@virtual.net.au

Entered 30/11/2003

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