RAF St Athan Forward Support (Fixed Wing)

I have been asked to do a history of the now named Forward Support (Fixed Wing) based at RAF St Athan and I would be grateful if anybody could let me have some of their memories and it would be lovely if any photo's could be passed on to me.

The following might jog some memories:
1976 - 71 MU RAF Bicester -
1976 Amalgamation of 60MU (Leconfield) and 71MU (RSS) - Crash & Smash" - RAF Abingdon.
1992 Moved to RAF St Athan (MGDA - Ac Eng Support Wg), Repair & Support Sqn, Ac Salvage & Transportation Flt (Ac Storage & Trans Sqn/renamed)

Entered 29/10/2003

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