Philip Martin

I am trying to trace an old friend PHILIP MARTIN.

I have not seen Philip since 1959 when I was doing my Police training at Harrogate. At that time, he was serving at an R.A.F. station within a few miles of that vicinity. (I cannot remember the name) and wonder if there is an R.A.F. Associations page with a facility to trace old friends.

Philip, from Bilsthorpe in Nottinghamshire joined the R.A.F circa 1949 as a 16 year old Apprentice and was posted to R.A.F. St Athens, shortly afterwards, I joined the Royal Navy as a boy and there our paths parted.

After 52 years, I have now returned to the village where we were both born and grew up. I would dearly love to trace him after so many years.

Can anyone please help

Dick Binch

Entered 28/08/2003

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