Ivy Shepherd

Jan Michna says:
"I'm trying to put my mum in touch with old friends from her WW2 WAAF days. She was then LACW Ivy Shepherd (now Williams), originally from Middlesbrough, and she was based at:
Fairwood Common, near Swansea, 1940/41, remembers in particular Ellen Walker and Ann Sterry
Middleton-St-George, Co Durham, @ 1942, where she was a cook. Friends there included Chris Leishman (now Beall), Kitty Ronan, Nora Shimmons (Carmen), Mary Paterson (Pat), Peggy Wayling and Catherine Whitehouse. Also, not forgetting the Canadians! - Frank Roberts (Bozo 1st), Don Cruikshank (Sarge), Roy Piquette (Bozo 2nd), Bob Langlais and Butch Bouchard."

Entered pre Aug 2002

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