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S2B - XW988 - A&AEE Boscombe Down
Just tucking it's undercarriage up after an aborted approach, this example sports a distinctive black, white & yellow colour scheme, and shows its serial number large on the bomb bay doors.
This example is now in private hands and has just been granted a license to fly to South Africa.

Two seat attack and reconnaissance aircraft, originally built as a carrier-borne low-level strike aircraft for the Royal Navy

Blackburn - Hawker Siddeley - British Aerospace

  • S1 : two Gyron Junior 101 turbojets 7,100lb (3,220kg)thrust
  • S2 : two Rolls-Royce Spey RB.168-1A Mk.101 turbofans 11,030lb (5,003kg) thrust


  • span : 44'(13.41m)
  • length : 63'5"(19.32m)
  • height : 16'3"(4.95m)
  • wing area : 514.7 sqft(47.83m²)


  • empty : 30,000lb(13,608kg)
  • loaded : 46,000lb(20,865kg)
  • maximum : 62,000lb(28,123kg)
  • total internal & external stores load : 16,000lb(7,257kg)


  • max speed at sea level : 691mph(1,112km/h)
  • ceiling : 40,000ft(9,144m)
  • tactical radius : 600miles(966km)
  • strike mission range with external fuel: 2,300miles(3,700km)


  • prototype : 30th April 1958
  • production : 23rd January 1962
  • prototype S2 : 17th May 1963


  • Ferranti Blue Parrot ship-attack radar
  • twin-gyro & Doppler navigation
  • ARI.18228 passive warning system
  • ALQ-101 jammer pods
  • Ferranti FIN 1063 inertial navigation system


  • AS.30 air/surface missile
  • AGM-12 Bullpup air-surface missile
  • AJ.168 Martel ASM
  • AIM-9L Sidewinder AAM
  • GP 1,000lb bomb
  • Paveway Mk1 1,000lb smart bomb
  • Paveway II Mk 13/18 1,000lb smart bomb
  • BAeD Sea Eagle anti-ship missile
  • BL.755 cluster bombs
  • Matra 2" (50.88mm) rocket launcher
  • SNEB 2.68" (68mm) rockets
  • Matra 155 rocket launcher
  • Pave Spike laser designator
  • TV Martel missile

Currently at the end of its life with the RAF, being replaced by Tornado GR.1s. Popular with its crews, the Buccaneer's familiar coke bottle shape gives it good ride characteristics at low level. It has a a large internal bomb bay capable of holding four 1,000lb bombs, or a multi-sensor reconnaissance pack. Built strong to withstand carrier deck landings, the aircraft features unusual clam-shell airbrakes in the tail. Buccaneers were used to good effect in the Gulf War providing laser designation for Tornado GR.1 ground attacks, and latterly for delivering their own 1,000lb bombs. Its initial entry into RAF service was viewed with little enthusiasm, as either the TSR2 or at the very least American F-111s had been expected to fulfil the role, however it has proved itself with over a quarter of a century of excellent service.

S2B - XW546 - now scrapped at Lossiemouth.
Taxiing down to take off from RAF Lossiemouth in north east Scotland. Bucc operations largely ceased in early 1994 as Tornado GR.1s took over their maritime role.