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Air-to-air Hawks

Most of these excellent air to air shots of RAF Valley Hawks
have been kindly provided by British Aerospace via RAF Valley.

Two grey Hawks, one with cannon, overfly the Menai Bridge joining the Isle of Anglesey to the mainland.
Similar shot but at a higher altitude, showing all the bridge and the Menai Straits.
Those Hawks again, this time over the railway station and cafe at the top of Snowdon.
A grey Hawk goes vertical over the runways at RAF Valley.
Three colours of Hawk, the attractive red, white and blue scheme is nearly gone now, replaced by the gloss black, the air defence grey Hawks belong to the weapons training unit.
XX236 with no back seater aboard and clean of weapons, climbs above the clouds.
Three black Hawks break for landing over RAF Valley.

Three black Hawks climbing in formation through the clouds.

Four this time above the clouds.
Pulling some Gs.
A 4 FTS Hawk in formation with a Valley based CFS Hawk, flying close to the South Stack lighthouse, near Holyhead, Anglesey. (Kindly donated by Chas McHugh)
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(Kindly donated by Chas McHugh)
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(Kindly donated by Chas McHugh)
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(Kindly donated by Chas McHugh)