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Registration Number: LOG 567X
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: TR7 V8
Category: Classic Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1981
Owned From: June 2017
Owned To: October 2017
Mileage: 83,000
Colour(s): Red
Current Location: United Kingdom
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Record Entered: 21/10/2017
Submitted by: John Parker
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First Joined: 13/10/2015
Vehicles Contributed: 111
Notes: Spontaneous purchase to use over the summer months. An absolute hoot to drive, whilst the 'straight through' exhaust system always ensured a glorious soundtrack!
Fate: Sold to Charlie Reynolds from Leominster.
Modifications: Detailed transformation from humble TR7 FHC to full, factory TR8 spec over a two year period, 1992-3, using the correct subframe, exhaust manifolds, radiator (with dual electric fans), bonnet (rust-free import from USA) and by relocating the battery to the boot. Suspension lowered and brakes uprated at the same time. Many body panels replaced - using new parts.

Later, in 2008, the car was rebuilt again, including an interior retrim plus 16" wheels from an MG TF added. It was then resprayed in BMW Imola Red (had been BL Carnelian Red previously).
LOG 567X


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