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Registration Number: ORW 832G
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Manufacturer: Bond
Model: 875
Type: Mk.2
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1968
Owned From: Summer 2002
Owned To: July 2008
Mileage: 50,000
Colour(s): Red
Current Location: United Kingdom
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Record Entered: 29/12/2016
Submitted by: John Parker
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First Joined: 13/10/2015
Vehicles Contributed: 111
Notes: I had originally gone to inspect this 3 wheeled microcar for a work colleague who had a keen interest in Hillman Imps (the Bond 875 sharing the Imp’s rear mounted power pack, transmission and suspension). But when he decided not to pursue it, I stepped in to save the car from the scrapper.

It always amazed me that this Bond featured no frontal crash protection other than the petrol tank which, for safety reasons, was mounted directly behind the nearside headlamp(!).

I kept this car for six years, but regrettably never got it back on the road.
Fate: Eventually sold to the lads from Kirtling Garage, in Suffolk, who then had plans to restore it.
Modifications: A previous owner had fitted the 998cc high compression engine from a Sunbeam Stiletto, which gave a potential power to weight ratio of 13.5lbs / BHP – about the same as a Lotus Elan Sprint – which could have proved highly entertaining on three wheels and with drum brakes!
ORW 832G


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