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Registration Number: EWJ 92H
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: MG
Model: B
Type: Roadster
Category: Classic Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1970
Owned From: February 1988
Owned To: Current owner
Mileage: 26/8/1981 =93,652 21/7/2016 =63,974 (163,974)
Colour(s): Green
Current Location: England
Owners Club:
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Record Entered: 10/08/2016
Last Updated: 04/03/2017
Submitted by: Tim Rhodes
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First Joined: 10/08/2016
Vehicles Contributed: 2
Notes: The original colour was stated as 'Bronze Yellow'.
New engine fitted 1982.
In June 1986 she was resprayed Green.
Declared 7 Years SORN 2007-14.
Registered in Sheffield - May 1970
Previous owners: -
W. N. Chappell, Bakewell 21/5/70 - 71
G. Calladine, Chesterfield 1971 - 72
P. Hoare, Teddington 1972 - 74
K.P. Hadrill, Harrow 1974 - 76
I.V. Easton, Bracknell 1976 - 14/6/78
G. N. Webster, Staines 14/6/78 - 31/7/79
C. J. Yeatman, Maidenhead 31/7/79 - 13/2/88
T. Rhodes, Alnwick 13/2/88 - current
Fate: Still driving her - summer use only.


♦ “Mileage on old MOT test certificate dated 26/3/88 (shortly after I bought the car) states 27,619 (127,619). - T. Rhodes.”
Submitted on 11/09/2017 11:09 by a visitor
♦ “Originally had wire wheels fitted when new in 1970 - these were replaced with BWA Sportstar alloy wheels + new rear axle in 1983. BWA alloys removed in 2016 and Rostyle wheels with new tyres fitted.”
Submitted on 11/09/2017 11:09 by a visitor
♦ “Was a DriveArchive "Featured Vehicle" from Oct 2016 to Jul 2017”
Submitted on 01/09/2017 09:09 by a visitor
♦ “I am the owner from 79 to 88. Was orange until I had a lot of work done in 87 (I think) when it was respray end Jaguar racing green and replaced the chrome strips with yellow pin stripes. Great to see it still running.”
Submitted on 17/10/2016 12:10 by a visitor
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