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Registration Number: NNU 100W
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Type: LT
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1973
Owned From: December 1983
Owned To: April 1985
Colour(s): Red
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club:
Web Site:  
Record Entered: 17/09/2010
Last Updated: 26/04/2018
Submitted by: Richard L Stevens
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First Joined: 17/09/2010
Vehicles Contributed: 1
Notes: Was a 1973 on a W reg as imported in 1981. The model however was a 1971 shark nose with the split bumper. It had steel wheels with a fixed rubber insert that looked exactly like alloys. It had air suspension on the rear which was raised or lowered with an airline fitting under the rear bumper.
DVLA had as a 3.8 litre V6 but was actually a 5.7 litre V8.
Checked cloth seats and a black vinyl roof !
Fate: Swapped for a Jeep. Always regretted that ! Really want to find it again now. It was last taxed in 1988 so is probably rotting in a field somewhere. Would love to find it again if anyone knows !
NNU 100W


♦ “hi I believe this was once my car email me”
Submitted on 20/01/2019 18:01 by a visitor
♦ “Currently no 'SORN' in place”
Submitted on 04/09/2017 12:09 by a visitor
♦ “Was once a DriveArchive 'Featured Vehicle'”
Submitted on 27/02/2013 19:02 by Paul Crossley
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