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Registration Number: OOP 953
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Otherwise known as: 270 uxm
Manufacturer: Austin
Model: A40 Somerset
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1954
Owned From: 01-04-2006
Owned To:
Mileage: 53000
Colour(s): Black
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club: Austin Counties Car Club
Web Site:  
Record Entered: 07/05/2006
Last Updated: 29/05/2006
Submitted by: Martin Peacock
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Locale: Manchester
First Joined: 28/04/2006
Vehicles Contributed: 5
Notes: I was told that the car had been used by Paramount Studios or Touchstone - not sure if this was true but if anyone is into films or TV series (such as Heartbeat etc) that use old cars can you remember this one ??
Fate: Bought via e-bay 1st April 2006 - the car has previously been restored to a good standard - I would say about 10 years ago.

Would like to know more about the history of this vehicle and see if anyone has any restoration / service history etc as the new V5c document gives very limited info

The car had been bought on e-bay in the November by previous owner to transfer the number plate - so sadly lost original reg. - still have old plates for history
OOP 953


♦ “First registration: May 1954. MOT Exempt. As of 5.9.17..... Currently Taxed and is due for renewal on 1st May 2018.”
Submitted on 05/09/2017 15:09 by a visitor
♦ “Was once a DriveArchive 'Featured Vehicle'”
Submitted on 27/02/2013 18:02 by Paul Crossley
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