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Registration Number: EHW 914W
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Citroen
Model: 2CV6 Club
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1981
Owned From: 10th May 1997
Owned To: Jan 2004
Mileage: 70,000 ish
Colour(s): Cuivre indien
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club: 2cvGB
Web Site:
Record Entered: 09/02/2006
Last Updated: 13/02/2006
Submitted by: Neil Ashton
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Locale: saltash Cornwall
First Joined: 09/02/2006
Vehicles Contributed: 4
Notes: A very original and surprisingly rust free example in this rare colour. Had a new Frome galvanised chassis fitted along with new front 1/4 floors, inner & outer lower bulkhead, s/h steering rack, new shocks, low mileage disc brake gearbox fitted, all braking system replaced, waxoyled etc!
Fate: Sold to Graham Wilson's 2cv workshop in Callington, Cornwall.
Modifications: I ran it with lowered suspension for a couple of years until i hit a protruding manhole cover & ripped the suspension tube mount clean off! Obviously i'd lowered it a tad too much!

That's how come it had to have a new Chassis, i ran it lowered again after chassis replacement, albeit not as low as before, i attended the 2003 Isleworth national meeting in it, managed the trip home to Cornwall in 3 1/2 hours, who says 2cv's are slow! Really wish i hadn't sold it!!!!
Accolades: It's greatest accolade that i'm aware of was being picked as 'car of the week' on this website!!!
EHW 914W


♦ “Was once a DriveArchive 'Featured Vehicle'”
Submitted on 27/02/2013 18:02 by Paul Crossley
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