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Registration Number: A51 OVR
Otherwise known as: A571 GLR, then JRH 789, A51 OVR from 1/11/85
Manufacturer: Porsche
Model: 944
Type: 2.5 Lux
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1983
Owned From:
Owned To:
Mileage: 142k
Colour(s): Grand Prix White
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club:
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Record Entered: 23/12/2005
Last Updated: 01/03/2008
Submitted by: Peter Ashworth
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First Joined: 14/10/2003
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Notes: It has some 80's multi-spoke alloys on it, made by MSW. Probably date from around 1988. It should have the Cookie Cutter alloys on it.

Was given a personalised plate, JRH 789, in October 1984 until November 1985 when it was given it's present registration A51 OVR, when it was residing in Stockport.
Fate: A51 OVR was first registered as A571 GLR and first sold in Isleworth, London, in October 1983.

I have recently acquired this car, my first ever sports car.

It's had a hard life, I am the 24th owner!!!!!!

It has had two or three different alarm systems on it in it's life, it has none now.

I wrote off to the DVLA enquiring about the previous 23 owners and I was able to trace it's history right back to the 80's. It had spent most of it's time up in the North of England (Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire) and had a few owners in East Anglia before I bought it.

I am hoping that someone will see this car on here and be able to tell me something about it! I'm sure it's got a few tales to tell!

OVR is currently undergoing minor restoration - the small matter of a rusty sill and wheelarch!


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Submitted on 27/02/2013 18:02 by Paul Crossley
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