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Registration Number: KAA 903Y
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Austin
Model: Mini
Type: Van
Category: Van/Pick-up
Year Of Manufacture: 1982
Owned From: February 1991
Owned To: July 1993
Mileage: 66,000 when sold
Colour(s): Maroon
Current Location: United Kingdom
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Record Entered: 04/02/2003
Last Updated: 28/03/2020
Submitted by: Tristan P Barratt
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Locale: Camborne Cornwall
First Joined: 04/02/2003
Vehicles Contributed: 54
Notes: Heard about the Drive Archive on Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2 and loved the idea.
Notes: The Mini van was my initially my Dad's and he bought it from Michael Evans Motors in Barncoose, Redruth, in 1989.

However, a month and a week after I passed my driving test, I borrowed it one Sunday - and promptly wrote it off. (17th February 1991).

This was due to a mild impact with a Bedford Rascal on a back lane near Four Lanes, Cornwall. At least the driver of the Rascal couldn't get out because I'd bent his door frame...

The crash pushed the Mini's front subframe back by 3 inches but I went ahead and had it rebuilt at a cost of about £750, half paid by insurance, half paid by me.

It then served me faithfully for 2 solid years.

I had a LOT of work done on it, especially as the old tin worm had a penchant for Mini steel. I probably ended up spending a total of over £2,000 on it in the end.
(Well, it was my first car...)

As I was soon to be going to university, a long way away, I decided I'd probably need something a little more substantial for motorway driving. I had it MOT'd (by a garage I hadn't used before - and it came back to me with the blanking plate that prevented it from going into reverse gear when changing from 3rd to 4th gears broken - which meant that you had to be VERY careful when making those gear se​lections) and soon after sold it to a gentleman in Park Bottom, Cornwall - and then never saw it again.

I think he saw how much the rust had got hold and gave up in the end.

Or tried changing from 3rd to 4th and destroyed the gearbox...
Modifications: Added Wolfrace alloys with brand new Semperit tyres in November 1992, then, when one of the wheels developed a slow puncture, sold them 2 months later.

Fluffy seat covers, a 12" deep dish steering wheel and 4 driving lamps all contributed to make the 850cc Min go "even faster".

I also fitted a centre console - into which a cheap stereo was fitted. A stubby aerial and silver tinted rear windows completed the look.
KAA 903Y


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Submitted on 27/02/2013 17:02 by Paul Crossley
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