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Registration Number: WRK 99G
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Reliant
Model: Scimitar GTE
Type: SE5
Category: Classic Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1969
Owned From: 1998
Owned To:
Colour(s): Mexico Red
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club: Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club
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Record Entered: 11/02/2005
Last Updated: 01/04/2006
Submitted by: Dave Poole
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First Joined: 11/02/2005
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Notes: Dave Poole, the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar enthusiast. See my new website dedicated to the Reliant Sports cars including the Sabra, Sabre 4, Sabre 6, Scimitar GT, GTE, GTC, Middkebridge, SS1, SST, 1800Ti, Scimitar Sabre and more!!
Notes: This is a truly great car to drive. A fibreglass body, with a steel girder type chassis. The 3-litre engine with four speed gearbox with overdrive, makes this car great for long distance touring. Has a top speed of 121 mph and can seat four adults, with still plenty of luggage space! Princess Anne had her first Scimitar GTE on her 20th Birthday and has owned 8 Scimitars since!! A very under-rated innovative classic car, go and buy one and have some fun :O)
Modifications: Poly-bushed all around, stainless steel petrol tank, stainless steel manifolds & exhausts, K&N airfilter, AVO adjustable suspension with uprated springs, 15" x 7" Wolfrace alloy wheels.


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