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Registration Number: WJU 133S
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: MG
Model: BGT
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1978
Owned From: 2009
Owned To: 2012
Colour(s): Brooklands Green
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club:
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Record Entered: 22/05/2020
Submitted by: Alex Singleton
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Locale: Northampton
First Joined: 21 May 2020
Vehicles Contributed: 7
Notes: My first ever classic car. From dead dusty gloom to starting, running, and legally driving.
She attended a few shows, covered a few thousand miles, lost oil, broke down so many times, caught fire twice, had a fuel tsnk actually fall in half while filling up, and gave me many good laughs doing it.
As I started to win the fight with mechanicals and electrical issues, the bodywork began to reveal the sad unpleasant truth, she was beyond saving. The bodyshell was wob, glass, old pants, news paper and tar. That was of course if it wasnt already rust.
In the end, heads ruled hearts, and she was broken to feed another, my 1980 MGBGT.
A sad day when I switched her off for the final time. I actually said goodbye.
Fate: We all have that classic car we have loved since childhood. For me it was the MG BGT. The walk to school was always lifted by the old black T reg GT in a shabby-chique guise, languishing on the forgotten part of a neighbours drive. An aesthetic oasis in a sea of boxy 80s humdrum.
Little did I know I would get my hands on one 15 years later, for free, while studying my apprenticeship. A dead, dusty and tired dream lay derelict under a Southsea apartment block. For 18 months the dream played out as a love hate nightmare that I truly cant explain.
Thie dream didnt last forever in this respect, but it realise a dream that lives on to this day. In the end, the car was simply too rotten and too bodged to keep going. A victim of the fiber glass and fudge restorations of yesterday, deceptivly hidden by one of her previous keepers. But not the good gent she came from, an Anglo German gentleman who kindly donated her to me.
Shes gone now, But never forgotten, I owe that car my hobby.
Modifications: Filler, paper, pants, black wiring that does something, black wiring that does nothing, black wiring that may have done something at some point but its too late to find out due to combustion.
Accolades: It always made it home, but God only knows how. It actually ran really well, until I took the former owner out in it. As soon as I dropped him home and left that street in Southsea, the fun started...
... I carry an extinguisher in anything I drive these days...
WJU 133S


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