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Registration Number: Y479 TOH
Otherwise known as:
Manufacturer: Rover
Model: 75 Connoisseur
Type: 2500 automatic
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: 2001
Owned From: 2015
Owned To:
Colour(s): Copperleaf Red
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club:
Web Site:  
Record Entered: 22/05/2020
Submitted by: Alex Singleton
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Locale: Northampton
First Joined: 21 May 2020
Vehicles Contributed: 7
Notes: A top spec car on a Longbridge TOH plate. The first owner knew which boxes to tick. The harder to live with items of power fold mirrors, sunroof and traction control are out, replaced by expensive options such as the sat nav TV upgrade.
Fate: Early Longbridge built MK1 R75. All of the good quality parts meets good quality build in this fine example. Originally brought as a stop gap car, the first drive home proved she was much more than that. 65,000 miles later and still giving fine service after five years on the fleet.
For those who dont know what these cars are about, let me help you: its all about leather, woodwork, comfort and ride. In the case of this V6, its a Chesterfield wing back bolted to a jet engine. A fake baby Jag that can out gun its own cat badged rival.
Comfort and class collide in this well equipped gentlemans gin Palace. Built to capture the class and the bygone glory of the Rover brand, it did that and more, with this lasting legacy.
Modifications: Changed from crown wheels to Union alloys. The rest is as she left the factory
Accolades: Pound for pound, the most reliable and the best value big car Ive ever owned. Beware of these, they have serious charm.
Y479 TOH


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