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Registration Number: E234 AGN
Otherwise known as: Champagne super nova
Manufacturer: Vauxhall
Model: Nova
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1988
Owned From: 2013
Owned To: 2017
Mileage: 75000
Colour(s): Blue
Current Location: United Kingdom
Owners Club:
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Record Entered: 21/05/2020
Last Updated: 22/05/2020
Submitted by: Alex Singleton
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Locale: Northampton
First Joined: 21 May 2020
Vehicles Contributed: 7
Notes: The recommissioning was done using as many new old stock parts as could be found, and it proved to be a great move. Not only did this preserve the car, it kept it reliable. She covered long distances, Northampton to Plymouth, and even up to Edinburgh.
A good clean tough and presentab​le Nova with 1.2 ST carb engine and 4 speed box.
Fate: Originally supplied to a dealership in New Molden, Surrey. First owner traded in at 3 years, with a bout 32,000 on the clock. Second owner kept her for 22 years, and covered just 7000 miles in her. Possibly gave up driving after a minor bump, very light front end damage was repaired as part of recommissioning. Taken on as a project and became my ex girlfriends daily car. Concourse contest at the first festival of the unexceptional in 2015, with pictures in daily mail and mirror. Sold on, then sold on after a brief ownership to a young gentleman in Wales, whos continuing the work by giving her all shes ever needed.
Modifications: Now looking splendid in a tidy new paint job, she stands proud on some very tidy alloys. The new owner is doing the old girl proud and keeping her in fantastic condition. Hope to see it at shows in the future.
Accolades: 30,000 trouble free miles post recommissioning. Probably the only nova with a fully lighting up dashboard. All original panels. Some service history. Between my self and the current owner, I think we have done her proud. But her real saviour has to be Sybill, the cars previous and longest standing owner who kept her safe all those years
E234 AGN


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