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("Otherwise known as" may contain previous registration numbers, original plates before replacing with a cherished number for example.
Equally it may contain nicknames or other data which might confuse your search! Recommend you try this if your first search doesn't find anything.)

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Note that the two search methods are combined, so if you want to just search for, say, all of a particular model - then you should clear the Reg search opposite.

Search in Vehicle Notes etc.

Contributors to DriveArchive may add extra information to a Vehicle's record, in the form of 'Notes', 'Fate', 'Modifications' or 'Accolades'. Often the info they enter is quite interesting, for example mentions of 'TV' are quite frequent.

Using the button below you can search for words. Note that there is a limit of 250 results from any search, so best to choose a Manufacturer to search for too, to avoid hitting the limit.

Search Hint #1 : If you know the registration number of the vehicle you're looking for, don't include manufacturer / model etc. in the search, as this may reduce your chance of success. If you've tried for specific reg and it isn't there, including more to the search like manuf/model will not help!
Search Hint #2 : Combine registration number and manufacturer / model etc. searches when you know only part of the reg, for example if you're looking for an 'S' reg Ford XR2, enter 'S' into the reg, choose the 'starts' option, then enter "XR2" in the model.
Search Hint #3 : If you do a registration number search with 'Otherwise known as' included, this can contain strange data. So when you see results that don't seem to include the search you specified, it's because the match is in that field. (Ideally 'Otherwise known as' should include previous reg numbers for the vehicle, but often includes nicknames. And some swear words!)
Search Hint #4 : When entering the Model / Type, be mindful that this data is entered by different owners in different ways, so searching for less is probably more likely to find your vehicle, for example searching for 'Escort' will find more than 'Escort LX'. And of course there are spelling mistakes. And the difference between Model and Type can be blurred.
So, all in all, be less specific!