R953 YAU

Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompressor R170

R953 YAU - Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 - Notes

Benny's Paint problems

It's odd, but there seems to be an issue with red cars of a certain age. The lacquer layer peels off. This is unfortunate, and may account for why there are so many silver SLKs around, and not so many reds!


Drive Belts and Oil Seals

The only trouble I've had with the car was last year, and i was lucky to notice it, before it got serious. The plastic tray under the engine quite often has a puddle in it, rain water must drain onto it somehow. But one day it was dry and I noticed a line of oil across the tray, under the drive belts. A lot of investigation led to the culprit being a slight leak from the front crankshaft oil seal, which was getting thrown onto the tray as the pulley spun round. I didn't fancy the job myself, so a local garage did it for me, and on close examination the drive belts needed replacing too. No more oil leak, great.


Happy 19th Birthday, Benny

Yes, today Benny reached his 19th year, having been first registered in 1997. To celebrate we went for a little spin, and the roof went up and down a couple of times during the trip - working perfectly as always. Rather hoping that, as early examples are now 20 years old, the SLK soon becomes designated a classic car. Who decides? I don't know...


Benny on Honest John

I wrote a review for the Honest John website, which appears here : classics.honestjohn.co.uk/owner-reviews/mercedes-benz/slk-r170-/

Hopefully this well help the cause of bestowing on the SLK the title "Classic Car".


My clonk is finally cured!

Getting on for a year ago Benny developed a clonk from the rear of the car. With the roof up the clonk was very noticeable. With the roof down, barely audible, so I assumed it was the roof mechanism, as there is an awful lot of it in the boot of the car.

Hours have been spent (wasted) trying to find what was loose. I even bought an endoscope to look inside hard to get at panels, hoping to see something that needed tightening up. The roof worked, and the car sailed though its MOT, but still the clonk persisted, and got worse.

Desperation set in, and despite the fact that everything in the rear suspension seemed rock solid, I decided new shock absorbers would be a good idea.

Unusually for me, they were! The clonk is gone. So happy. Cost me a pile of cash mind, but it's gone. Woo hoo.


Spark Plugs replaced

Putting in new spark plugs has been on my to-do list for months. I read how to do it on t'internet, and it sounded a bit tricky and would require some new tools.
In fact it was pretty easy and I had sufficient tools for the job. Notably, a spark plug wrench that was small in enough to fit down the narrow tubes leading to the plugs themselves. I found one lying around, goodness knows why I had it... Anyway, being very careful the job was done in an hour.
Of course it made no difference to how the car goes. But it's a good thing to have done. Next job... the oil.


New Front Tyres

56,000 miles on the clock, and time for new front tyres. Purchased 2 spanking new Nexen N blue tyres for just under £100, replacing the previous Kumho Ecsta SPTs. A total revelation! Since getting the car it's suffered from severe tram-lining and general vagueness of steering, not any more, feels like a new car. Amazing difference.


Happy Birthday Benny, you're 20 today

Yes, makes you think, what was Benny like 20 years ago today? How gorgeous was he, all brand spanking new with a handful of miles on the clock? How happy must that new owner have been on that day?
Anyway, he's still going strong, I bought him £50 of synthetic oil and a new filter, which probably constitutes a cracking present if you're a car.