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Why Getting an Electric Car in 2022 is a Smart Idea

electric Electric cars have surged in popularity in recent years and are much cleaner than regular cars since they do not pump out greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. Discover more about the benefits of getting an electric car in this piece on why getting an electric car in 2022 is a smart idea.

Save Yourself Money

Although the price of buying electric cars varies depending on the manufacturer and the model, when purchasing one, you can receive up to £2,500 off the original cost through the plug-in grant the car dealership gets from the government Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

Electric cars are significantly cheaper to run and maintain than petrol and diesel cars. Charging your electric car costs significantly less than putting petrol and diesel fuel in your vehicle.

Fully electric and hydrogen-powered cars are come with tax benefits and are exempt from paying car tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) in the UK. A car tax exemption is an example of a green policy implemented by the government to incentivise people to use cleaner methods of transport and help reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions the nation produces.

Help to Protect the Environment

When it comes to saving our planet, we need to act fast. Regular passenger cars are one of the primary sources of air pollution worldwide. Transportation is the main cause of CO2 emissions, amounting to 27% of the UK’s total emissions in 2019. So, switching to drive an electric vehicle will reduce your carbon footprint and contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Driving an electric car doesn’t simply have benefits for you in the here and now; it will also positively impact future generations and preserve the beauty of our planet for our grandchildren to enjoy.

Make the Switch

The UK as a nation needs to encourage people to live more sustainably, and everyone needs to do their bit individually to help out. Driving a gas-guzzling 4x4 vehicle and claiming to love the natural beauty is somewhat backwards. So, back your words and feelings on protecting our planet with actions and take the step and get yourself a modern electric car. Apart from the way you top up for fuel, you will barely notice the difference when you start driving an electric car. To learn more about why you should consider switching to electric, check out this tool from ElectriX, a leading car insurance provider and brand that is very much part of the sustainable revolution.

Make the Most of Fast Home Charging

Thanks to fast home charging, you no longer need to spend hours sitting in your car waiting in queues in hectic, busy petrol stations with an electric vehicle. Electric car chargers tend to cost around £850 to install at home, but if you’re eligible, you can receive a discount on this cost through a grant. Your electric car will take a couple of hours to charge up to its full capacity. After getting an electric car and charging it a couple of times at home, it will soon become a habit and something that you will get completely accustomed to doing. Take advantage of the efficiency and simplicity of being able to charge your car at your own home.

Enjoy a Quieter, Slicker Car

Electric vehicles have far quieter motors. Unlike the loud revving noise of the engine that happens when you try to accelerate in regular diesel- or petrol-powered cars, electric cars are pretty quiet. A significant advantage of electric vehicles is how simple and comfortable they are to drive around in. You can go from standstill to full speed in an instant with an electric car without the engine making much noise at all. You will be impressed by the slickness and how easy they are to handle as soon as you decide to make the switch to driving an electric vehicle. So, by switching to driving electric cars, not only will you reduce your air pollution, but you will also reduce your noise pollution levels, for which your neighbours and other road users will be thankful.

Take Pride in Joining the Sustainable Revolution

The COP26 climate change conference held in Glasgow in 2021 concluded that all nations worldwide need to do more to reduce climate change and its effects, and our current efforts are insufficient. Global citizens must do their bit to carry out daily activities which protect the planet. Getting yourself an electric car will mean that you can feel satisfied knowing you are a vital part of the sustainable revolution and the mission to save our planet. For too long, we have decided to bury our heads in the sand about climate change issues and lived our lives wilfully remaining ignorant of the facts presented to us by experts and scientists.

Getting yourself an electric car in 2022 is a great idea. Electric cars are the future, and getting one will mean you get to drive a smooth ride whilst also looking after the environment.


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