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What do Southern Mobility Vehicles for Top Quality WAV's do

mobility We all like to get in our cars and drive off somewhere. Either go to the store to buy something or go on vacation at a very distant place. It is so easy for us. We just have to get ready and go. But let's stop for a second and think more broadly. Not every person is the same and lives the same life. Many people are lucky enough to not have to think about getting out of bed and getting ready without any problem.

But, not everyone has that luck. Not saying that these people aren't lucky. Just saying they have a different way of doing things because they have been put in a position to do things differently. We are talking about people who live their lives in a wheelchair. These people are the same as everyone else. They just have to have certain things adjusted to their needs.

What is WAV?

WAV, known as wheelchair accessible vehicle, is a type of vehicle made for disabled drivers and passengers. It would be complicated if every single time they have to get out of the wheelchair to sit in a car and find a place for it in the car just to go somewhere. Instead of having someone help them every time and possibly cause an injury when lifting them or the wheelchair, they can just get in the vehicle by themselves. This is why these vehicles have been made.

WAV is made to take the disabled person to their destination of choice with the chance of feeling safe and comfortable while being seated in their wheelchair. These vehicles have been made to not only carry one person but to carry a few, and it acts like a regular vehicle.

WAVS are made by taking an existing vehicle and converting it into a vehicle appropriate for a disabled person. Usually, they are vans or MPV which are converted. All vehicles must be approved and registered before being used. Whoever drives this vehicle has to ensure that it complies with the laws just like any other vehicle.

Some papers need to be provided to a company that will administrate the vehicle. These include documentation where your needs are identified, what requirements you'll need to be fulfilled, and a schedule that shows when all the carrying out and lifting processes will be completed. When all of that is given, the company has to provide a copy of the documentation to its customer. Before everything is done, the customer can test drive the vehicle to make sure nothing is wrong.

mobility Things that need to be considered when choosing WAV are the same as choosing a regular car. You need to think about what's important to you. Let's take a look into it. What is important is the size of the vehicle. When thinking about this, you need to make sure that it will fit into your garage. Other things to think about are if it's going to be easy to drive on the road.

Another thing that plays a considerable role Is the price point of the vehicle. What the price for the fuel is going to be like. Would you be able to afford it?

It is essential to feel comfortable and safe in it. Is visibility good for everyone? Is everything that you need in your reach? Is it good enough for it not to break down soon after getting it?

You need to think about whether you're going to choose a lift or a ramp. Will you be needing someone to help you out? Would you have enough space for your wheelchair in the vehicle, and how secure would it be for you as well?

What are the types of WAV?

The three most known types are known as the: passenger WAVs, drive from wheelchair WAVs, and WAVs for transferring inside.

Passenger WAVs are the ones that are the most commonly used. These vehicles are used to transfer disabled people as a passenger. Mostly used vehicles are minibusses and MPVs. In these vehicles, the position from where you can enter is made by your choice. Very often, people choose to be seated in the front next to the driver. They're made with the purpose of the disabled person to have enough space.

The drive from wheelchair WAVs is becoming something that people start to use more. This is the type that is made for the disabled person to sit in front and drive. The controls that the person might need are all in front of them. They control everything with their hands. To get in it, there is no need for any assistance because it is made for the person to open the door, get on the ramp or lift and go inside the vehicle.

The WAVs for transferring inside are made for people who prefer to be seated in a driving seat instead of their wheelchair. This is done because they might not feel comfortable in their wheelchair while driving. When doing this type of method, there has to be enough space inside for the person to transfer from the wheelchair to the driver's seat. The entry point is usually from the back.

Cars and their sizes for WAV

mobility Cars come in all different sizes, and whatever you might be looking you can easily find them. They can be used as well as WAV. The smallest ones are made to make room for only one wheelchair. Sometimes there can be space in the back for one or two passengers as well.

The medium ones are made to look like a van. These cars can be used for drive from wheelchair WAVs. The biggest ones are used the most as the drive from wheelchair WAVs.

When it comes to choosing the most affordable option, people tend to choose the smallest cars. The space is limited, but they get what needs to be done. If you want to know more about this, follow the link

What to know when getting a WAV?

mobility When choosing a WAV, you need to be careful about what your needs are. It's recommended to do some research before buying one. You need to know your financial situation and if you can afford what you're looking for. Many companies sell secondhand WAVs, but if it's in your price range to afford a new one, go and get the new one. It's better to be safe than sorry.

You have to look into every company that sells WAVs and what kind of choices they have. Maybe you've heard about it or maybe not, but you can check out stores such as Southern Mobility Vehicles WAV's for they might have what you’re looking for.

You can always do a test drive before even deciding that you want to buy a certain one. We didn't mention before that it is very important to even get a WAV. You need to have a driving license. There are tests adapted to the needs of whoever is taking the test. After getting the license, you can look for what works best for you. No matter what you choose, it's going to be safe for you to drive, and you'll feel comfortable doing it.


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