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Top Racing Themed Online Slot Games

slots Sometimes we just need the adrenaline rush of a good race combined with the thrill of slot machines. Luckily, the internet is replete with all kinds of racing themed slot games ranging from Formula 1 type races to illegal street racing. Gone are the days of getting your adrenaline fix through Scalextric or just watching on the TV, now you can win money as well!

Here we’ve come up with the top 2 racing themed slot games that will keep you hooked and busy for the days to come. These games can be conveniently downloaded from websites on the internet, which also double up as great sources of online casino news to keep you updated with the latest casino games. Below you can read more about the hottest racing themed slot games on the market.

Green Light Slot

slots Our top pick for the best racing themed slot game is Green Light Slot, developed by Realtime Gaming, which comprises of a 20 pay line, 5 reel game which has been designed on the Real Time software platform. In Green Light, the Driver icon represents the wild card in the game, and the Green Light symbol indicates the scatter. Slot games like Green Light have essentially changed the face of the gambling industry, with more players opting for online casinos over offline ones.

In order to begin racing, the player first has to change their wager. By clicking on the ‘Lines’ arrows one can pick the number of paylines that are activated, while ‘Bet’ allows the player to lower or raise his per line bet. The most thrilling feature of this game is the free spin, wherein if you get 3 or more Green Lights you are taken to a racing game where you have to pick one of five cars and bet on the outcome of their race, giving you free spins if your car performs well.

The game is fast paced and offers you several opportunities to get easy wins on account of the Driver symbol, which can potentially be used as a non-scatter symbol for the purpose of creating winning pay lines. Further, in the event that you do pick the Driver symbol and end up getting a win, your payout will automatically become doubled. Green Light Slot carries potentially huge jackpots, and if you manage to get five of the Driver’s symbols lined up along the same pay line then you can win the 10,000 coin jackpot, amounting to over $50,000, but still far short of the £168 million jackpot offered in UK’s National Lottery.

Racing for Pinks

Our next pick is Racing for Pinks, which comprises of 5 reels and 3 rows, resulting in over 243 ways to win prizes. Racing for Pinks comes with a number of bonus features with potentially huge jackpots if you manage to activate these features.

The Bonus Race signs that are scattered on the 1st and 5th reels give you an opportunity to play the Bonus Racing game. Once the game is activated, you have the option of placing a bet on either the blue or red team, and if you pick the winning team then you are taken to the next levels. There are a total of five levels in the game, carrying different prizes, and if you manage to cross all levels then you’ll receive the jackpot prize.

Racing for Pinks also has a Wild symbol which can be used as a substitute for any game symbol to come up with winning combinations. On the whole, Microgaming’s team has come up with an immersive experience of slot machines and night street races, with several exciting and modifiable cars that move at breakneck speeds. Kick back and bet on these incredible races to win some huge jackpots.

In conclusion, both Green Light and Racing for Pinks are incredibly fast paced and fun games, that offer you easy wins and an overall fulfilling betting experience.


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