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The Three Best Car Based Slots Games

When you are a true gearhead, when you live and breathe cars, when you dream about owning a beautiful new car more than anything, then it can always be fun to play games that are car themed or have some relationship with cars. The fact that so many people are passionate about cars is reflected in the fact that so many different things in the world have a car theme. There are bed sheets with cars on them, a slew of different video games like Formula One 2018, Real Racing or Forza Motorsport which allow you to hop behind the wheel of a supercar and give it a spin on special tracks from across the world.

supercar Some people have even themed a rooms in their house on cars, they have designed, in exacting detail, a way to turn an ordinary room into car heaven. This superb breadth of all things cars has now extended to online casino games. There are games where cards have car prints on them, there are roulette wheels shaped like tyres and there are whole slots games that see you match up different cars or have a whole racing theme. If you pick the right place to play you can even get a casino free spin bonus, the first time you try a car based slots game. This means you can try out lots of different games before you even have to put any money down. The quality and breadth of car based slots games is breathtaking and is a fantastic way to combine a love of cars with the fun of playing slots.

The main issue with having so many different games to play, is that it can be a little hard to select which one is the best. Which will you enjoy most, which will be the one that most matches your interests and more importantly which one will ensure you don’t waste your hard earned money and free spins. Well we are here to help and make certain that you select the correct game and have fun while playing. So without further ado, these three games are the best of the best, they are all car themed and all very fun to play.

Racing for Pinks

One of the most popular online slot machine games, Racing For Pinks is made by microgaming, one of the most popular and trusted online gambling manufacturers who make games for almost every big online casino on the web. In fact some online casinos are based entirely on their games and thus they are a name you can trust. Racing for Pinks is very popular mostly because of the fact that there are two hundred and forty three different ways to win on each spin.

So your chances of taking some winnings out are high. It is a bright and exciting game with cars both on the slots themselves and surrounding the machine. Owing to the fact it is backed by microgaming there are over two hundred different online casinos you can play it at making it perfect for anyone with multiple accounts who likes to flit between different websites.

Supe it up

Based on the idea of improving and modifying a car, supe it up is the perfect online slots game for anyone who likes to work on their car and wants to feel that same rush when playing online slots. It has five different reels and twenty five winning paylines meaning the chance of a payout is very good. It also can be spun for as low as 0.25 coins which makes it great for anyone just getting into online slots who doesn’t want to spend too much.

It is also made by microgaming meaning you can play it at a huge number of different places and your games will always be secure.

Good to go


Good to go is a very simple and exciting slots games that is themed around Formula One, making it perfect for all of you Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso fans out there. It has five reels and nine different winning paying lines. Its symbols include racing cars, tyres, helmets and chequered flags so if you know your F1 you will be able to notice and appreciate these symbols. It is more simple than the other two games but is still very fun and great to play.


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