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Land Rover and the Range Rover - what is the difference?

landy Chances are that most people have come across the Land Rover and the Range Rover but for many, they are the same SUV. To clarify, yes – both cars are manufactured by Land Rover, both cars have similar names and both cars are expensive to buy. Yet, calling them the same wouldn’t necessarily be true.

Land Rover has dominated the luxury car market for years, producing a line-up of 7 SUVS, including the Land Rover and the Range Rover. Both are designed for entirely different driving, have entirely different features and so have entirely different price ranges. These differences are important to know when you’re considering buying one of these high-end luxury cars.

Here, we’ve discussed the differences between the Range Rover and Land Rover so you don’t have to.

Land Rover

Known worldwide for its powerful four-wheel-drive models, Land Rover is one of the most renowned British car manufacturers on the market. With a history of making SUVs that combine high-luxury with extreme off-road capabilities, the Land Rover is still a popular car with 416,000 UK registered drivers on the road in 2020.

The Land Rover Defender is one of the latest models and is designed to conquer any terrain in deluxe comfort with its 518-hp engine. Whether it’s on city streets or mountain paths, the Land Rover keeps close to its utilitarian and dependable standard.

Range Rover

rangy The Range Rover is a type of Land Rover AND a subcategory of an entire Range Rover family, with the newest being the Range Rover Sport.

Angled towards better on-road performance and flashy aesthetics, the V8 model has been on the market for as high as £115,000. Though on the larger and more luxurious side of things, used Range Rover Sports can be found at more affordable prices.

Fresh and modern, the Range Rover Sport is an ideal choice for those who want a sleeker model with premium components and high-quality interior over off-road capabilities.

The differences between the two

The differences between the Land and Range Rover are fairly straightforward. To put it simply, Land Rover is the brand, and the Range Rover is one type of model. So, while all Range Rovers are Land Rovers, not all Land Rovers are Range Rovers.

The difference in price is also a give-away. Whilst the Range Rover has ranked second on Top Gear’s top 10 luxury cars because of their cost, some Land Rover models can be purchased for way less. Basically, the Range Rover is focused on emphasising luxury, whereas the Land Rover models are still designed for more adventurous, off-road driving.


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