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How To Sell A Car For Parts

Buying a car is one of the most expensive investments you'll probably make in your lifetime. As you use it over the years, you start to form an emotional connection. However, the vehicle will eventually come to a point when it constantly needs to be repaired, hence increasing its overall maintenance cost. When this happens, the wise move would be to sell its part as this is the fastest way of getting rid of the old vehicle.

Some of the reasons for parting out your car include an engine breakdown or the car being involved in an accident. You may also choose to go this route if your vehicle has unique parts which are pretty rare to find. If you don't know where to start selling your car parts, here are the steps to follow during this entire process.

1. The Vehicle Gets Assessed

Before parting out a car, an assessment must be carried out. It's best for this to be done with the help of a professional from an auto shop or your local mechanic. Working alongside a professional will help you determine which parts are working and those that are defective. Knowing this will help you understand what you'll put up for sale once you're done with disassembling your car.

Ideally, you should work alongside a mechanic as they're able to gauge whether to sell the car in parts or as a whole. If most of the crucial parts are in acceptable condition and functional, you'll be advised to sell your car as a whole. But if you get a mixed assessment with some of the car parts, then you'll go ahead with the process of scrapping your vehicle.

If this is the case, you'll be expected to create a list of columns to distinguish between the non-working, mediocre, and working parts. Your mechanic will then give you an approximate price of how much to sell the parts that are of acceptable quality.

2. Take Inventory

After you're done assessing your vehicle's condition, the next step is taking inventory of the parts that are worth selling. To know the sellable parts, you'll need to disassemble your car, and this entire process needs a lot of effort and time. But it's necessary to figure out the parts that are worth scrapping and selling. The parts that draw the most attention from junk car buyers and are easiest to sell are:

  • Gearbox
  • Engine
  • Seats
  • Airbags
  • Transmission

While these are the essential items sought after by most buyers, there are other parts that you can consider viable for persons looking for upgrades, including:

  • Speakers or subwoofers
  • HVAC controls
  • Radio
  • CD dash

Some mechanical parts such as your vehicle's head gasket are also in great demand as they're a lot affordable, unlike the new ones. With that said, certain parts of your car will be a lot harder to sell because buyers are cautious about buying used ones. Such components include a fan belt and spark, which aren't as expensive to buy even when brand new.


3. Find Out Prospective Buyers

Once you know the parts worth selling, the next step is finding a potential buyer to purchase the car parts. This process will probably be the most time-consuming aspect, and you can choose to follow different routes. These are:

Locating Junkyards Within Your Area

If you choose to sell your car parts to a junkyard, you must confirm it's a reputable company that's insured, bonded, and licenced. This guarantees you enjoy peace of mind throughout this whole process of selling your car.

A quick online search is an effective strategy for locating a reliable car parts dealer as this allows you to see the ratings and reviews from their previous customers. You can also find a trustworthy company by asking your friends and family if they know one.

Before selling your vehicle parts using this method, first get in touch with the junkyard to know if they're interested in your car's make, model, and year. If they are, you'll then get a price quote on how much money you'll get paid. Gauge whether it's an acceptable valuation.

Find Individual Buyers

Another great option you can take is selling the used car parts to private buyers. However, this process needs greater effort from your side. Some of the platforms you can find these buyers include social media, classified ads, or auction sites. To succeed in this strategy, you'll need to follow several useful tips, including:

  • Be ready for possible conflict or haggling during this process.
  • Take excellent photos of the car parts to give the buyers a better picture of what they're buying.
  • Do your research to determine the selling price listed by other sellers.
  • Test the parts to confirm they're working correctly before offering them to potential buyers.


The process of parting out your car might seem straightforward but a lot is involved in this entire process. This is because you need specific professional tools, a spacious garage, and mechanical knowledge. You’ll also need to consider other aspects that can make this entire process even more challenging. To help out with this issue, this detailed article is an overview of the steps on how to sell your vehicle for parts.


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