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Cheapest Car Improvements To Spice Up Your Mazda

mazda You’ve been behind the wheel of your Mazda for a while, and it’s time to shake things up. Your budget may be limited, but there are plenty of ways to upgrade your car without breaking the bank.

Some of the cheapest car improvements to spice up your Mazda are simple to install, sometimes without special tools. Other modifications are best made by a professional to ensure your Mazda continues running at peak performance.

Let’s find out what cheap car improvements you can make to your Mazda and how these improvements affect the value of your car.

What Cheap Car Improvements Can You Make to Your Mazda?

Cheap car improvements you can make to your Mazda CX 30 will be to your car’s interior and exterior. These changes can be purely aesthetic or upgrade your car’s performance.

The first step is to decide what you want to improve on your car. Some of the cheapest car improvements you can make are protecting and maintaining your Mazda’s interior.

There is nothing like the harsh Australian sun to fade your car seat fabric or crack the dashboard. A car windshield shade is a cheap and simple way to prevent sun damage to your car’s interior.

Another cheap improvement to protect the interior of your Mazda is to install floor liners. They’ll keep your car’s floors clean and in excellent condition for longer. Make sure you install car floor liners that are durable, removable to clean, and made with environmentally friendly materials.

Steering wheel and seat covers are another affordable way to spice up your Mazda’s interior. If you’re up for the challenge, you can make them yourself and truly customise them.

Installing front grille mesh inserts is another budget-friendly improvement you can make to your Mazda. Quality customised front lower grill strips protect your car engine, air conditioner, and condenser from dirt and particle damage while driving.

You can also make your Mazda more aerodynamic by installing wind deflectors over the windows. Also known as rain guards, they will help keep the rain out when you crack a window open.

New tires and headlights are additional budget-friendly car improvements you can make to your Mazda. These upgrades will also keep you and your family safe on the road.


How Do Cheap Car Improvements Affect Your Mazda’s Value?

Cheap car improvements do not usually affect your Mazda’s value because they are often temporary and easily removed.

After-market modifications that are more expensive and even semi-permanent changes do not increase your car’s resale value; however, they may affect it negatively, particularly if you go through a dealership.

The improvements and modifications you make on your Mazda may be more to your fellow enthusiasts’ taste. These changes may, in fact, be assets when you negotiate a resale price.

Reselling your improved or modified Mazda to a regular non-mod enthusiast may prove more difficult. Most people want a car that functions as the manufacturer intended and is to specs.

Suppose you have your heart set on making drastic car improvements that affect performance and the car’s exterior. In that case, it’s a good idea to keep any parts or components you replace in a safe place.

Try to keep a log of any other stylistic changes you make along with the service history. This information is essential to a potential buyer, and you’ll be able to restore your Mazda to its pre-modification state or as close as possible in case of resale.

How to Maintain Your Mazda’s Resale Value?

When you plan car improvements or modifications, keep the following in mind to maintain your Mazda’s resale value:

  • Keep up with your car maintenance schedule.
  • Operate within the manufacturer’s parameters as much as possible.
  • Have any problems attended to as soon as you are aware of them.
  • Keep both your car’s interior and interior sparkling clean.

Your Mazda will thank you for it.


While you chose your Mazda because you trust its manufacturer and love the design, it doesn’t mean you can’t add your personal touch with a few affordable tweaks here and there.

You can improve even a small compact SUV like the Mazda CX 30 easily and cheaply. Thanks to its use of the Mazda CX 3 chassis, most accessories, parts, and components are readily available.

Remember to plan ahead and ask for a car expert’s advice or an experienced car mechanic’s assistance. Some car improvements may engender others, and you could end up with massive costs and a Mazda you did not intend.


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