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Affording The Car Of Your Dreams: 4 Hacks

hacks Some people see motoring and owning a car as simply a necessity and one which is often much more like a burden than a pleasure.

However, a large proportion of ordinary British citizens are absolutely obsessed about and passionate about motoring and, in particular, owning a car that they can enjoy both fixing up and driving, even attending motoring shows and joining clubs to celebrate their particular make of car.

If this sounds like you, and moreover you have a dream make and model of car in your mind, then continue reading to learn how to afford the car of your dreams.

1. Work To Improve Your Credit Score

An incredibly effective way to ensure that, when it comes to applying for a loan, you can fund the make and model of car that you have always wanted is to make your credit score as high as feasibly possible.

There are numerous different ways to discover your credit score, using Experian or Clear Score to name two of the most established, and this provides a great starting point. Functional and relatively fast ways to boost your credit score include the following:

  • Always ensure to make regular payments on time, every time
  • Building your credit history by sensibly using a credit or store card
  • Keep the utilisation of your credit reasonably low
  • Try to avoid moving house when it is not necessary
  • Research credit builder cards
  • Check for any reports, mistakes and errors on your official credit report
  • Always check your credit file for any unusual or fraudulent activity

2. Consider A Logbook Loan

Obviously, a great deal of people across the length and breadth of the country and beyond who dream of a luxury car are using the car they currently own in a business and functional capacity, therefore the prospect of selling their car to make money is simply not an option.

However, if you visit a reputable and renowned supplier of Logbook Loans, such as Car Cash Point, you will be able to take money out of the total value of your current car, which can then be used to part-fund your new car.

3. Fully Research Maintenace Costs Of Your Dream Car

Whilst working hard to build your savings to afford your dream car, it is also certainly worth contacting people who currently own, or indeed previously owned, the same make and model and finding out any and all common occurrences or problem areas that tend to crop up.

This way, you can proportion a part of your savings to go towards inevitable maintenance costs further ‘down the road’.

4. Enter Car Competitions

The final, certainly substantially less likely, but certainly viable way of affording your dream motor vehicle is to take just a small time out of your day to enter any car competitions, either advertised through a local or national company, a garage or mechanics business or even on the internet through social media or the like.

Even though the chances are obviously quite slim that you will be successful, whilst working hard to save and buy your dream car the conventional way, it is certainly worth a try to see if ‘lady luck’ is on your side.


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