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7 Ways to Treat Your Favourite Car-Fanatic — Without Buying a Car

If the one you love is car-obsessed, you might find yourself hard-pressed to come up with a special gift or experience that doesn't require a payment plan or credit check.

But don't fret! There are plenty of ways to show your significant other you care without actually buying them a brand-new vehicle.

Here are 7 ways to treat your loved one without bringing home a Porsche.

1. Book a luxury car service

This one is a treat for you too! Consider booking a luxury trip in a designer vehicle for your next date night or holiday airport transfer. If you need Chauffeur services London, Stockholm, Los Angeles, and New York all offer top-notch temporary drivers.

Trade a ride on the tube or bus for top-notch transportation in a Mercedes-Benz! Your partner will love the chance to travel in a luxury car — and you'll both get to feel like celebrities for the night!


2. Schedule a race car driving course

If the car enthusiast in your life tends to drive like he's on a racetrack instead of a dual carriageway, this one is for you. Consider booking your loved one a training experience on a racing course! They'll get all the thrills they're looking for — and probably pick up some real-life driving and safety techniques along the way!

These courses can vary from a few hours to multi-day sessions, so you should find one for your partner on any budget.

3. Buy a buildable car

I know, I know… we said this list was everything BUT buying an actual car but hear us out! Lego has really stepped up its model car game in recent years. It may sound childish, but your car-obsessed partner might love nothing more than putting together a miniature version of the car they could never afford in real life.

These babies include thousands of pieces and incredible attention to detail. It's the perfect way to let your car-enthusiast build a car without taking over the garage.

4. Treat them to a F1 TV Subscription

Any true race car fanatic needs to have access to all the latest in televised races. An F1 TV subscription gives you access to all livestream formula run races, including F1, F2, F3, and the Porsche Supercup.

Give them the gift that keeps on giving all year long!

5. Invest in a mechanical tool kit

Even if your partner isn't a total gear head (yet), helping them put together their first quality tool kit really shows you care about their hobby. Buy a quality wrench kit, or go all out and splurge on a full hundred-piece deluxe mechanic set!

If they get to know what they're doing, those tools might save you some unwanted trips to the dealer for minor repairs!

6. Get them a subscription to a car enthusiast magazine

This one may seem old-school, but a good car magazine subscription can't be beaten when it comes to keeping your lover up to speed with all things automotive. There are plenty to chose from, with specialties in vintage vehicles, mechanics, and the latest in racing.

Check out some top ten lists and see which ones might best fit your car-fiend's fancy!

7. Put together a car-care kit

It may seem simple, but a build-it-yourself care kit can really go a long way to show you really know your partner. Pick up some washing tools and a wax kit and present your loved one with a custom-made care package for the thing they really love the most.


Think outside the box when gifting for the car-fanatic in your life. You don't have to head down to a dealership to treat the enthusiast to something really special. Remember these 7 suggestions for Christmas, your anniversary, or their next birthday!


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