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5 Things to Ask When Looking for a Car Shipping Company

tyres Let's say you want to purchase a car off-state or you wish to relocate to a new place. Would you rather drive or ship it to its next destination? Well, many factors could affect your decision. But one thing remains constant: Hiring a professional shipping company is much easier than driving it yourself to your destination.

Shipping companies differ from one another in terms of the services they provide, price, and experience. Therefore, it's essential to shop around before settling for a service provider to make sure that you're picking the best. Here are five things to ask when looking for auto moving services.

Ask for References

Any reliable and trustworthy auto shipper will provide customer references whenever asked to do so. If you stumble upon a mover that is reluctant to produce past recommendations, chances are they offer poor services.

By reviewing past references, you can determine how the company will ship your car and the duration it will take. All you get from the references is what to expect from the service provider. Don't forget to also look online for third-party reviews. Take a look at these uShip reviews and Montway Auto Transport reviews, for example.

Is the Company Registered?

Any reputable auto shipping company must be registered with the Department of Transportation, especially if they are transiting between various states. It also needs to provide its DOT number to conduct official audits and accident investigations. If you are going to ship your car, you need to make sure that you are working with a company that operates legally.

Another important registration is the motor carrier number. You can access it through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration web page. The number is assigned by the FMCSA and acts as an interstate operating permit and a unique identifier. If you're shipping the vehicle abroad, look for an auto shipping service provider registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.

What Insurance Do They Provide?

Before settling for an auto shipping company, it's crucial to enquire about their insurance coverage. Some companies might offer mouth-watering quotes. Only to realize that the service doesn't include comprehensive insurance to cover damages that may occur during the shipping process. In such cases, look for an alternative provider.

It is important to note that your car insurance might not cover your vehicle while in transit. This is where supplemental insurance comes in. To be on the safe side, discuss the coverage with both the shipping service provider and your car insurance company.

How Much Do They Charge?

Cost should be the first thing on your checklist when comparing auto shipping quotes. Ensure that you understand everything that is included in the quote to avoid incurring unexpected charges. Ask for a detailed cost breakdown from the moving company. Some service providers quote a lower price only for you to end up paying more when your final bill arrives.

You might be asked to provide basic details concerning your vehicle, such as the model and year of manufacture. Make sure to give the correct information to help your service provider write an accurate quote.

If you are shipping more than one car, you can negotiate the price to get a discount.

The good thing about companies like A-1 Auto Transport is that they will give you multiple quotes so you can compare from different services and find the right one for you. There is no pressure, and you're free to make the final decision yourself.

Enquire About the Company's Experience

The auto moving business is no easy feat, as it requires significant cash and time investments. It's also highly competitive, and as a result, moving companies come and go. Therefore, it is crucial to shop for a company with skill and expertise in moving vehicles safely and efficiently.

Find out how long the company has been in business and how many automobiles they ship in a year. You can find this information on their website.

The Bottom Line

With a reliable auto shipping company, you are sure of getting the best services while saving on money and time. It’s crucial that you ask for quotes from different service providers. This lets you compare their rates easily and settle for one that fits your budget. Look online for reviews from former clients as well. And most importantly, ask for their certifications to make sure that they are operating within the legal parameters.


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