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5 Accessories to Take Your Motorcycle Experience
to the Next Level

Riding a motorbike can be a fun, exhilarating experience that you just can't replicate with any other type of transport. But many people think motorbikes lack the same comforts and amenities as cars.

That needn't be the case if you invest in the right tools and accessories to equip your motorbike with everything you need. Here's a list of 5 accessories to help you take your motorcycle experience to the next level.


1. Upgrade Your Outfit

Being a biker is a look – so make sure you have the right motorcycle clothing to get the look you want, whether you want a traditional look or something with a more modern feel.

Go for a classic black leather suit if that's your style. Or, for something more eye-catching, consider a suit in navy or maroon with white racing stripes.

The suit is not all you need to think about – there are several stylish-looking helmets to pair with your suit style that don't compromise your safety.

And it's not just about the looks. Many of the top-range helmets have built-in microphones allowing you to make hands-free calls while you're riding.

2. Attach a Helmet Camera

When you're on the road, not all the drivers around you will be as careful as you. So, if anything bad happens between you and another driver, you'll want to be prepared.

That's why it's vital that you get an action camera installed above your helmet. They're easy to install, and once in position, you'll have a wide-angle recording of all the other drivers moving around you, however good or bad they're driving.

A helmet camera could be the difference between whether a dangerous driver is penalized for their reckless behavior or not and whether you secure the compensation you deserve in a settlement.

3. Install an Automatic Chain Oiler

Ensuring that all the parts are well-maintained is a vital part of owning a bike, particularly when keeping the chain properly lubricated.

However, regularly keeping the chain lubricated is a lot of work – and it can be a messy job, too, getting stains on your clothes.

To make your experience easier, get a chain oiler installed. This will oil your chain automatically at regular intervals, so you never have to lubricate manually again.

4. Install USB Charging

These days, most cars are fitted with USB charging points as standard. However, many motorcycles lack the same functionality.

That needn't be a problem if you install a USB charging accessory for your motorbike. It's fairly easy to set up, and once it's in position, you'll be able to keep your phone and other USB devices fully charged for the duration of your journey.

5. Heated Grips

Have you ever felt your hands get freezing cold while you've been out biking in the winter? If so, it's time to make this inconvenience and safety hazard a problem of the past.

Buy some heated grips for your vehicle to keep your hands feeling warm and toasty as you ride, whatever the weather. It's a small investment that goes miles. Keeping your hands warm is also likely to improve your ability to control your motorbike, keeping up your muscle reaction time to deal with obstacles up ahead.

Level Up Your Motorcycle Experience

When it comes to motorcycle accessories, don't spend your life in the slow lane. With these six accessories, you can properly enhance every aspect of your biking experience, from safety to style and comfort. Once you've got them all, you'll struggle to think how you ever hit the road without them.


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