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4 Must-Have Features Of A Versatile SUV

suv Cars are now becoming more advanced, thanks to the never-ending research and development of the industry. Many brands and models boast technological and technical features that often lead to a perplexed buyer. For someone who's been eyeing to purchase a new SUV, it's understandable to be confused on what vehicle to buy since many brands offer unique features.

Many car companies have made it possible for car owners to enjoy amazing packages, accessories, and unique features that were once available only in luxury cars. However, as you try to consider and add more features, the higher the vehicle price will be. Hence, it's essential to know what exact car features to prioritize and splurge more on.

To give you a head start, here are the must-have features you may want your SUV to have:

1. Engine Capacity

You might’ve noticed that new cars have smaller engines than you expected when you looked at their actual engines in person. SUVs are larger cars in size, but some do have small-sized engines. While the engine size doesn’t impact their performance at all, it's essential to consider the correct engine/transmission combination for your custom ride.

Because of the industry's stricter emissions regulations, manufacturers spend a lot of time and money optimizing power and efficiency. One part of this process has been introducing smaller engines. Turbocharging and hybrid technology have enabled manufacturers to create small engines that combine performance, efficiency, and reduced exhaust emissions. Cars that might once have been fitted with a 2.0-liter engine may now have machines half their size. Liters are usually used to express engine sizes. Although this might mean the fuel and gas spaces are somehow lessened, it's a matter of preference when considering engine size.

Even though the size of an engine has traditionally determined how much power it can produce, turbocharged engines have made smaller engines remarkably powerful after the introduction of modern technology in recent years. Therefore, whether you choose a Subaru XV or other SUV models, determining your SUV's engine capacity is all a matter of comparison and preference.

2. High Ground Clearance

The car's weight will be more centred with higher ground clearance. The result may come with less accuracy and less handling capability, as part of its downsides, however this feature enables SUVs to tolerate off-road and uneven surfaces. There won't be damage and scrapings on the vehicle with high ground clearance. High ground clearance also means the speed will be slower because of its aerodynamic properties that are influenced. However, this feature works well with an SUV, as your priority may not be focused on speed, but rather on traveling off-road and rough pavements.

Hence, vehicles with an off-road ability tend to have high ground clearance. This also translates into more practical use. In addition to traveling on rougher roads without damaging the underside, SUVs with this feature can transport more cargo and passengers.

3. Longer Wheelbase

suv As most of the interior of a car is located between its wheels, long wheelbase cars tend to have larger interiors than cars of similar length with shorter wheelbases. You might want to have an SUV that comes with a long wheelbase, so there’ll be an interior of one big box that won't offer any obstruction for passengers. This way, designers can maximize both the amount of space and the number of things that are possible.

Because of this feature, the ride quality of long-wheelbase cars is generally better than that of short-wheelbase vehicles. The front and rear wheels have more time to hit bumps, which prevents the car from becoming unsteady. In addition to having a larger footprint, long-wheelbase cars feel safer in corners due to their more excellent stability. Lastly, long-wheelbase features make SUV cars look more beautiful aesthetically speaking. As the wheels are separated, the shape becomes more elegant and well-placed.

4. Sufficient Cargo Space

If you and your family often travel and do family camping activities, you should emphasize this feature. When not packed with passengers, SUVs can store twice as much cargo as sedans or small hatchbacks. Some people prefer buying an SUV for this reason.

A typical SUV's cabin has enough space for more oversized items, such as boxes, bicycles, luggage, furniture, and other bulky things. People who want to have this practical feature would like to choose an SUV with generous cargo space.


SUVs provide many promising features, but the mentioned ones in this article should be considered when finding the most suitable brand or model for you and your family. Due to their off-road capacity, innovative engine capacity, and other unique features, it's without question why SUVs are among the most versatile vehicles you can own today.


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