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3 Ways GPS Technology Improves Road Safety with CanTrack

You might have seen recently that Google has patented new anti-pothole technology. This new tech will enable vehicles to automatically detect uneven surfaces and potholes as they're driven over. Using impact sensors in the car or van, data analysing the amount of vertical vibration caused by the surface of the road would be sent to a central database in the cloud. The GPS data from a vehicle tracking device would then be added to give precise location details and this combined information would be used in the future to provide routes that would avoid roads with known bad surfaces.

Jaguar Land Rover have also joined this fight against potholes and are developing an alert to spot dangerous potholes in the road ahead so the driver can take evasive action. All a bit much for potholes? Maybe but it's worth remembering that potholes cause an estimated £730 million of damage to British vehicles every year with an additional £20 million in compensation claims lodged against councils in England per year.

That's the future but what are the safety benefits that GPS technology is already providing on UK roads? We asked GPS tracking firm, CanTrack for their thoughts.

The Safety Information Provided by a GPS Tracking System

When you have a GPS tracking system in a fleet of vehicles or in one van, it provides a lot of data and increasingly that data is being used by firms and governments to improve road safety.

A GPS tracker can improve driver behaviour through targeted driver training. It can provide the authorities with the information it needs to plan transport policies and improve the physical safety of roads and it can make the job of emergency services much easier through the accuracy of the location data it provides.

Let's look at these three areas in more detail.

How Governments use GPS Tracking Data

Already many countries use GPS technology to survey their road and motorway networks. They use that tracking tech to identify the location of features on or adjacent to those roads like service stations, maintenance services, entry and exit ramps, etc. And that information allows transport agencies to keep service costs down and to spread their budget wider, improving driver safety into the bargain. In the future local authorities will also be able to use the data provided by the Google and Jaguar Land Rover technologies to improve their repair schedules and fix potholes and other dangerous road problems much quicker.

GPS Trackers can Save Lives

Staff drivers normally operate alone but this can be a real problem if something goes wrong. If one of your drivers is involved in an accident, the precise location information provided by the GPS technology in your fleet tracker can be vital. In many tracking systems if there is an accident to a vehicle, an alert is sent so a fleet manager can respond quickly. In addition, the sooner emergency services arrive to the scene of a serious accident the greater the chances of your driver making a full recovery. And with the extensive location data you have in the satellite mapping of a good GPS tracking system the job of finding the accident spot is made considerably easier.

Keep your Drivers on the Road to Safety

Accidents can happen for many reasons but some of them are easily preventable using a GPS tracking system. If driver behaviour like excessive speeding or harsh cornering has got out of hand, you'll quickly be able to see where your drivers are going wrong and take corrective action to put it right. Targeted driver training can make the safety difference when they're out on the road. As a GPS tracking system tracks the times your vehicle stops, you can also identify when drivers are taking breaks and if they're taking enough breaks to comply with road safety regulations. You can manage driver fatigue better by keeping a close eye on when your drivers are taking time off the road.

To Track your Fleet Try CanTrack

If you need any information on GPS fleet tracking technology check out CanTrack CanTrack is a leading UK provider in the telematics, fleet and asset tracking industry with over 10 years of experience and innovation. Their Vehicle Tracking System is the fastest way to get your vehicles tracked or your money back.


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