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The Donnington Grand Prix Collection

The Donnington Grand Prix Collection has the largest display of Grand Prix cars in the world.

There are over 130 exhibits, with cars from the early days of Grand Prix racing right up to the modern day. The halls contain a variety of cars including Williams, McLaren, Force India and Vanwall & BRM.

There are also a few interesting road cars and an impressive display of unusual military vehicles including a tank, huge lorries, amphibious vehicles and lots of motorbikes.

I recently visited the museum with my lad, we had a good couple of hours looking around with lots of interesting stuff to see. It's easy to get to (next to East Midlands Airport), loads of parking and there's a shop and café. You also get to see great big jets flying right over your head, and possibly as we did the sounds of racing cars on the nearby Castle Donnington circuit. I took precisely 99 photos, some are here, see below...

See their website for more details, HERE.


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