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Registration Number: 298 VPH
Otherwise known as: Chassis no. 109784D/N
Manufacturer: Cobretti
Model: Shelby Cobra 427 OHV 16v 5735cc.
Type: V8 Sports Roadster Manual.
Category: Kit Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1961.
Owned To:
Mileage: 7000 + Miles.
Colour(s): Met Dark Blue.
Current Location: England
Owners Club:
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Record Entered: 26/11/2014
Last Updated: 07/03/2018
Submitted by: Paul A Pearson
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Locale: Guildford, Surrey
First Joined: 05 February 2003
Vehicles Contributed: 13,558
Notes: This Cobra Replica made in 1987, was For Sale (NOT BY ME) in Horsham, West Sussex on E-Bay for £18.000 (September 2009).
Sold for £19.833 at Goodwood Festival of Speed, Collectors Motor Cars, Watches and Automobilia (July 2011).
DVLA Records show First Registered 14 September 1961 and it is on SORN.
MOT Expired: 16 November 2015.
According to This registration was issued, but they dont have an accurate issue date. The original office for this letter combination is Surrey C.C.
According to This combination was issued from 1961.
(I originaly entered these details 31 October 2009, Updated 26 November 2014).
1987 Cobretti Viper 5.7-Litre Roadster (AC Cobra 427 Replica)
Registration no. 298 VPH
Chassis no. 109784D/N
regarded as one of the all-time great classic sports cars, the muscular, fire-breathing Cobra succeeded in capturing the hearts of enthusiasts like few of its contemporaries, the cars enduring popularity resulting in its revival by Autokraft in 1980 after twelve years out of production. In parallel with Autokrafts official MkIV version, a worldwide cottage industry of replica-builders emerged to satisfy the continuing demand for the legendary Cobra, making it arguably the most popular kit car of all time. Among the foremost practitioners is Cobretti Engineering of Morden, Surrey, which was first established in 1987/88 by Bob and Martin Busbridge and later took over the defunct Brightwheel Viper Cobra replica. Beginning as a ladder type, the Cobretti chassis took on more of a spaceframe layout as the design progressed and is recognised as one of the strongest on the market. Kits were manufactured to accept Ford Cortina/Sierra and Jaguar running gear, with a wide variety of engine options ranging from the humble Ford Pinto, via Sierra Cosworth, Jaguar XJ6/12 and Rover V8 all the way up to a big-block Chevy. Common to all Cobretti Vipers is that 427-style glassfibre bodyshell with its distinctive dramatically flared front wheelarches.
The vendor advises us that this Cobretti Viper is a prototype built in 1987 by the Busbridges as a show car to demonstrate the quality of their replicas. The car was originally fitted with a Rover V8 but is currently powered by a 350ci (5.7-litre) Chevrolet 4-bolt V8 engine said to produce a minimum of 400bhp with the nitrous oxide system engaged. This abundance of power is transmitted via a Toyota Supra five-speed gearbox to a Jaguar limited-slip differential with 2.88:1 final drive ratio. Other noteworthy features include twin Kenlowe electric cooling fans, 4-point safety harnesses, roll hoop, plumbed-in fire extinguishing system and an anti-clockwise speedometer reading to 180mph. We are advised that the speedometer was changed in May 2004 and that since then the car has covered a total of 7,122 miles. Following restoration and tuning, the Viper was taken to Santa Pod Raceway in 2005, recording a best standing-quarter mile time of 13.5 seconds.
This exciting vehicle comes with current road fund licence, MoT to 9th November 2011 and Swansea V5 registration document. In addition, there are numerous bills and other documentation on file from various spets including Thunder Road Cars, Europa Spet Spares and Real Steel.
298 VPH


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