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It has been reported that a large proportion of police speed cameras are now actually out of action. Over half, some say. I think most would agree that they ought to be easily visible, and as a deterrent should stay in place regardless. Let's be honest, they do work, they do slow you down whether they're working or not.
Question: However, to take a bit of stress out of the already stressful business of driving, should they not ALL prominently display the speed limit on them?
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This site entirely depends on vehicles having registration plates. Without them, it just wouldn't work. Crystal ball gazing, however, there seems a possibility that reg plates might become redundant. The technology to electronically tag, well, everything, is just around the corner.
Question: Do you think that, even if they could be replaced by technology, vehicle registration plates should stay, just to give a tiny bit of personality to your ride?
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I've had to do a lot of motorway driving recently, unusually for me. I've been attempting to economize, so I've been trying to drive at a steady 70, for mile after mile. It's a total pain to do so. You get stuck in with the lorries, while everyone whizzes past you doing 80+. I reckon it's actually now quite unsafe to go 'so slow'.
Question: Is it not time to give up the 70 limit and move to at least 80?
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They've been resurfacing the roads around these parts recently, as happens every couple of years. They lay down some tar and then put little stones all over it. Then the road, for a time, is a nightmare of flying debris and unexpected slipperiness. They put up signs saying go at 10mph - which of course nobody does, and leave.
Question: Surely we can come up with some way better than this? Is it just me, or is this a bonkers way to fix up a road?
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