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Here's a little challenge for those of you lucky enough to own a Scalextric track.
Below left is the design of a simple circuit. Hopefully you'll have enough track to make it yourself.
The challenge is this: time yourself doing 10 laps of this circuit. Fill in the form below and send in your best time.
You don't have to include your email if you don't want to, I just won't be able to let you know if you win if you don't.
Each challenge will last a few weeks, and at the end I'll publish the winning names and times (but not your email!).
The DriveArchive team will have timed the circuit, so if you send in a silly time, I'll probably disallow it.
But, hey, it's only a bit of fun, you wouldn't want to cheat, now would you, what's the point?!
Try my new
Scalextric Track Length Calculator, click here


This is the Sliderz circuit with additional straights.

Challenge #2

You will require:
  • 12 standard curves
  • 10 standard straights
  • 2 half straights
  • 1 straight crossover

  • start near the crossover on the power straight
  • use the inside track of the long straight
  • time 10 laps
  • direction as arrowed
  • no banked curves

The inside lane is
24 feet 4.2 inches
or 7.422 metres in length. How do I know?
See the Calculator download below!

Your Name  
Your Email  
Your Car  
Time for 10 laps   seconds, e.g. 43.2
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Results for Challenge #2 will appear here soon.

See below for the results from Challenge #1.

Note... the DriveArchive best time for this circuit, using a light and very grippy Porsche Boxter, is under 30 seconds! But use the Sliderz cars and it goes up to over 45 seconds. See what you can do!


Challenge #1

You will require:
  • 12 standard curves
  • 9 standard straights
  • 2 half straights
  • 1 quarter straight

  • start in the middle of the long straight, as marked
  • use the inside track
  • time 10 laps
  • direction as arrowed
  • no track barriers
  • no banked curves

The inside lane is 20 feet or 6.097 metres in length. How do I know? See the Calculator download below!
Results of Challenge #1
Name Car Time
Ari Sahila Aston Martin 90.0
Dylan Nissan 350z Drift car 82.6
Conor Wills Seat Leon WRC rally car 41.5
James Aston Martin DB7 41.4
Shadow5692 Mercedes F1 Lewis Hamilton 31.0
Bradley Bugati Vayron 30.1
SnakeRacer Nissan r390 24.1


As I say above, there's little point in sending me a silly time... it's just for fun. SnakeRacer looks, um, a bit too quick!


Download the DriveArchive Scalextric Track Length Calculator :
you can download the slighly smaller Zipped up program
installer, or Run or Save the EXE option. (Version

Download ZIP (356k)


Download EXE (359k)
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