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The minimum you must fill in is your first and last name, your email address, and a password.
You might like to fill in more information about yourself, especially the Town, County & Country where you live.

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DriveArchive will NOT pass on your email address to ANYONE else.
You will receive a welcome email on registering, a thank-you email after entering your first vehicle, and optionally, an email notification if anyone Comments on a vehicle you have entered.

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Of the information you provide, ONLY your Name, Town, County, Country, Web Site address and Notes will be visible.

But see notes on "Email Anonymity"...

Email Anonymity

If you tick 'Email Visible' then site visitors will be able to see your email address and therefore contact you directly about your vehicles.

Otherwise they can still get in touch, but only via DriveArchive - your email address will be hidden from them & you can choose to reply or not.

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