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Top tips to avoid Motorcycle theft

Motorcycle theft is becoming a big issue in the UK, with over £3 million worth of bikes being taken from the streets of Britain each month. The last thing you want to find when you return home for the day is that your pride and joy has been taken.

There are however some basic steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of bike theft, MotorCycle Direct have provided the following tips that can help keep your bike safe:

• The majority of bikes are stolen from a rider’s home so if you have a garage make sure it is locked safely away. Not only will your bike be hidden from view but it can also reduce your bike insurance premiums.

• A good quality lock and chain to secure your bike to a ground anchor is essential, don’t give thieves an easy opportunity.

• If you are parking your bike on your drive, ensure it is secured to a ground anchor and consider fitting CCTV, if this is too expensive, a false camera can be a handy deterrent.

• When parking on the road, try using a designated motorcycle parking space where ground anchors are found, and remember to take any possessions including your helmet with you.

• It is always worth investing in a bike alarm and immobiliser, and have them fitted by a trained technician. Most insurers will offer you a cheaper premium if you have a Thatcham-approved category one or two immobiliser and alarm system.

• Remember to never leave your keys in your bike, and if you have them on you or at home, make sure they are in a safe place out of view.

• A cheap and easy way to deter ‘ride away’ thieves, would be to simply remove the spark plug or HT can.

Following these tips from MotorCycle Direct will reduce the chance your bike will be stolen by thieves, so you can enjoy your ride whenever you like.

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