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Used Sports Cars: Mazda MX5

A sports car is something most motorists aspire to but may never afford. Our normal driving experience is highly functional - getting from A to B in fuel economic cars with little thrill and much practicality. The sports car is a chance to experience driving in the raw, and you can find a range of affordable models at Many of us appreciate the skill and craft that goes into engineering a great car and so it’s a thrill to really feel like you’re harnessing an admirable piece of machinery.

The Mazda MX5 delivers just such an experience, and no discussion of used sports cars would be complete without this modern classic. Not many cars can rightly claim the label of modern classic; it’s the preserve of a select few – the BMW 3 Series, the Porsche 944, the Saab 900, the Ford Capri perhaps. To constitute a modern classic, a used car must have three vital attributes: popularity, affordability and quality. The MX5 has each of these in abundance.

The MX5 first went into production in 1989, and since then, over 600,000 have been produced. This means they are easily found on sites such as at reasonable prices.

Mazda’s design team work under the slogan of "Jinba ittai." This translates as "rider, horse, as one body." This is a perfect summary of what the MX5 is: the combination of man and machine perfectly intertwined. With its low driving position, heavy communicative steering, and plentiful amounts of feedback through the pedals you’re a part of the car.

The 1800cc engines are well engineered workhorses, and will generally do well over 100,000 miles. This means that a Mazda of any type is good value but the MX5 is a particular gem. The weight of the car means that you can drive the MX5 as your primary vehicle and still not suffer extortionate fuel costs.

With sites like, you can pick up an MX5 in your area at a good price.

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